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Grass is always greener

So I just got back from my internship in Long Beach, California. To say the least it was an amazing experience.

Now for my story:

It was August and I had the day off. A nice thing since I had upped my hours to 5 or 6 full days a week (that a lot when it’s all unpaid). I had already done my laundry, cleaned my room and surfed the net. Believe it or not I was bored of the Internet. I found myself wishing I had my junk from back home. In an effort to pack light I hadn’t brought all my ‘stuff’ with me to California. For the most part it was nice to have a clean slate with only the essentials. But that one day I was bored and wished I had some craft supplies or even some old papers to sort through.

Now fast forward to the present, where I am back to sharing a room with my sister, unloading all my stuff from California into a room that is already stuffed with stuff. All I could do was sit and stare at it all; it was too overwhelming to even begin to pack my things away, let alone break out the craft supplies. I longed for the simplicity I had found when I was away from home.

I know now that I want to move out, so my current project is to try and find the happy medium between my current overfilled room and the minimalist existence I had in California.

I’m going to go sort through my closet now.


Turned birthday cards into home decor

I never like to throw out greeting cards. Given its March my birthday cards are already rolling in adding to my ever growing stash of Christmas and Valentines cards. Instead of leaving them to clutter my desk, I took some old leftover raffia and tied the cards into a little stack. The effect is cute and organized; the bow turns the clutter into a great decoration.

I love decorating my room with unique knick-knacks that reflect my personality and experiences, every item should tell a story. Why not have something that reminds you of all the friends that love you?  By tying the cards together they are also kept organized by year or holiday. So when I am tired of  the decor or get a new stack of cards, I can just toss the old ones into a drawer or decorative box and replace them with a new stack. You could even change them with the seasons for a more festive look!

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