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Worked on my abs

I’ve always less than enjoyed my stomach area, and I’ve never thought I could actually get the results you see on tv.

Until now.

Step 1. give your workout routine a catchy name, I chose “8 minute abs”

Step 2. Find someone who will

a. do the work out with you, nothing inspires us more than a bit of competition, or

b. will make you feel guilty when you don’t do your workout

Step 3. Design your work out, 8 minute abs is easy, its just 8 straight minutes of gut wrenching crunches and sit up variations.

Choose a time limit that is achievable but still pushes you, halfway through you should feel the burn, the last minute you should be ready to just about die (trust me you won’t), don’t stop until the time is up. Also choose moves that you can do anywhere (your living room, dorm room etc., then you have no excuses).

Step 4. Use youtube to add to your repertoire of exercises, lots of people have posted personal trainer style videos.

Step 5. Find some music to pump you up and do your work out to. Songs make it more fun and help you time your workout. Try this:

Step 5. Do your workout right now, this instant, then finish reading this article.

The hardest part is always getting started.

Step 6. The next time you think about how your stomach is flabby, do your workout, right then and there. If you did not just do it, now is the time, seriously

Step 7. Do your workout the same time everyday. I do mine right before bed, in the dark, it actually helps me fall asleep.

Step 8. Admire your results, often, I swear even after one day my abs are tighter. Also try using harsh side/top/bottom lighting to make what definition you have achieved really stand out.

Step 9. Change up your music selection often and regularly swap in new moves. This ensures it stays interesting and you work as many muscle groups as possible giving you more definition.

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