Plastic free cosmetics

In my quest to go plastic free I encountered a dilema. There a virtually no alternatives to plastic encased mascara, even the wands i love are plastic. I bought my mascara anyways, but when I got home I got thinking. What about my shampoo, and my cleanser and my moisturizer and shower gel!!! Even my shower pouf is likely plastic. THen I remembered over hearing a converstion in the office. Some one was talking about how she was in love with lush and its organic shampoos.

Lush, that soap company from when i was a kid, my mom loved it and i often gave soaps and bath bombs- they were the best- to my friends as birthday gifts. I was surprised to hear some one so enthusiastic about some thing that was so nineties and so ubitquitous in my life at that time.

So remembering that a lot of their soaps were cut from larger blocks and left unpackaged or at most wrapped in some brown paper, they would likely have some great plastic less alternatives. How forward thinking of them!

Upon perusing their website these following items will be in my basket the next time I need my bathroom essentials:

Soothing Calamine Cleanser- $9.75 @

Almost too many solid shampoos to choose from- this is my pick for its volumizing claims and ocean theme 🙂

Seanik shampoo bar- $10.95 @

The only solid conditioner they have:

Jungle solid conditioner- $7.95 @

Each bar is only a couple of ounces so it’ll be interesting to see how long they last. Going from drug store $3 shampoo this might be a splurge, though it’s comparable to salon prices. Lets hope the results are too!


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